Mom, Speaker, Certified Health Coach, and all around "health nut" who wants to make living healthy, simple....(are you with me?)

About Angela

Angela has been in the Health & Weight Loss Coaching business for many years (8+) but has recently shifted her business into a very "holistic" view of health. With her experience comes the passion to help others become the healthiest version of themselves possible, without dieting. 

Providing simple and everyday tools is a big part of what she does. Her blogs and healthy outlook on life will speak to those who have tried any (and every) diet and are DONE with with the quick fix. Yes, we know how to lose weight, our society is full of weight loss successes. The bigger issue? How to live HEALTHY, everyday. 

She is focused on helping those that are ready to get healthy, and lose weight, the "right way" this time. The healthy way. The way that doesn't limit and restrict what you eat, but rather helps you implement foods and activites that support your long term goal of health.